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June 22, 2018
08:42 PM Eastern
A few more numbers
So, looking a little deeper into the numbers.

  • 730 Responses
  • 701 Responses asked for the ranking site to continue (96.03%)
  • 29 Responses said no (3.97%)
  • 18 of the people who answered "no" would not change their opinion even if opt-outs were allowed (2.47%)
  • 707 Responses came from TpT Sellers (96.85%)
  • Being able to filter results by grade level and subject - Yes: 624 (85.48%), No: 97 (13.29%)
  • Log in accounts on the site: No: 463 (63.42%), Yes: 252 (34.52%)
  • Opting out of ranking: No: 403 (55.21%), Yes: 312 (42.74%)

Obviously some of these don't add up to 100%, because they did not require an answer.

What I came away with from this survey is as follows:

  • The rank site will continue. For now that means providing the historical, stored data that already exists in the database.
  • Over the next few weeks -- as I find time -- I will be evolving the parallel data collector, that has been running since last year to continue estimating ranks.
  • I will write a longer description of how rank will be determined moving forward.
  • Once I'm satisfied that the new algorithm is more than 99% accurate, I will re-run the estimates on all data since June 7th, to produce a set of full data.
  • I'll review this data, and then build the opt-out logic. Since people did not want log-in accounts, this may become "opt-in" logic. I'll explain that more later.
  • Opting out/opting in will not affect position in the ranking data.
  • One side effect of the changes is that the new site will index all 163,000+ sellers (as of now) on the TpT web site. Obviously most of these are lower ranked sellers. All 163,000+ sellers will be ranked.

Finally, the vast majority of those who left comments (over 200) were very positive about the site, vastly overwhelming the four negative comments.

This does not mean that I will not take those four negative reviews into account, as I would like to address the issues that they brought up that may be valid.

I hope this keeps everyone up-to-date.

June 16, 2018
12:36 AM Eastern
Results of the Poll
So, the results are in.

730 people responded to the poll, with 96% (701) of them asking me to continue the ranking web site.

As such, I have returned the web site to it's prior state, and your rank, as of early in the morning of the 7th of June, is once again available.

I had put off further work on the new site while this poll ran, so I will resume that work now. Please give me a little time to get the new site up and running.

I will be adding sorting on grade and subject with the new site, and I will also add the ability to opt-out of having your store name displayed.

Thank you for all of the supportive comments that were sent. I'll go into a little more detail at a later date, but it's late (just a little before midnight for me) and I have to drive about 150 miles tomorrow, so it's probably best if I went to bed now.

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey.

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