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December 12, 2017
04:45 AM Eastern
My rank page says my State rank is "X" but when I go to the State list, I'm not there at all!
Last modified - December 12, 2017
11:47 AM Eastern

This happens because of how ranks are "scraped" from the TpT website. Every night (around 1AM Eastern Time) I scrape all 1000 pages of the ranking site on TpT's web site.

This takes about half an hour. While that happens, TpT is still busy handling business, and sometimes people move from page to page when that happens.

In this case, you happened to be on page, say 81 when I read page 80, and then, before I could read page 81, you moved up to page 80. That's why, up in the top right corner, you see the count of the number of ranks I actually found out of 50,000 possible. For example, today it's 49969. That means that 31 people are missing from the rankings today, so 31 people would have this problem.

That means that, for today, you didn't get a rank in the system. Now, the main ranking page deals with this by looking for you by the most recent date for which you have a rank entry. So, it will take yesterday's rank and plug it into the page. Then, when it tells you what your state rank is, it simply counts all the people in your state with a lower world ranking than you.

But the state list is generated by getting everyone in your state with rankings for today, so in that case, you don't appear at all, because I got no rankings for you.

I know, it's annoying, but I'm doing the best I can. The new system I'm working on actually looks for these gaps in ranking and correctly re-inserts you where you should be, so there's never a time where you won't have a rank for today. But, the new system is still not ready to go. Sorry about that.
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